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Building Blocks for Optimizing Your Virtualization Needs


QCT is pioneering hyperconverged infrastructures by offering software-defined, highly scalable compute appliances powered by the world’s leading virtualization software built on market-proven hyperscale hardware.
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Increase Productivity and Mobility in a Single Solution


QCT offers a selection of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) appliances for office application workloads. Powered by market-proven software, these desktop virtualization solutions are unique in their ease of implementation and management.

Clouds, Tiers, and Workloads – QCT Has You Covered


QCT offers high-performance and high capacity virtualized storage environments to help enterprises effectively process an ever-increasing volume of data and manage the complex workloads of analytics. QCT offers scalable, software-defined storage platforms equipped to address file, object and block storage requirements across the board and power the most demanding cloud computing solutions in the industry.
Transform Your Business Through Big Data


QCT Offers Data Analytic Platforms That Enable Organizations To Meet The Most Demanding Business Intelligence Needs. Offering Breakthrough Performance And Efficiency, These Economical Solutions Provide Enterprises With The Unprecedented Analytical Power And Storage Capacity Required To Manage And Analyze Big Data While Maximizing Operational Economy.

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High Performance Computing / AI

QCT HPC/AI solution integrates with open source software to offer a best-in-class software stack that includes resource management for a fully end-to-end integrated HPC/AI solution. This solution also features a modularized architecture that can be easily tailored to meet customer demands, simplifying the implementation journey and accelerating time-to-market.

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Building an integrated workload driven system with optimized performance is time consuming and requires many resources, the QCT POD Platform on Demand provides an on-premises rack level system with best practice hardware and software integration for specific workloads designed for High Performance Computing(HPC), Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Data Analytics. With the common building blocks, it has greater flexibility and scalability to meet business demands from different industries.

boosting enterprise productivity while eliminating human errors

QCT RPA Solution

RPA is used to #automate most tedious, repetitive works in the office. Due to COVID-19, more and more organizations are expected to grow their RPA capacity to increase #productivity and lower #human-cost.

QCT has envisioned the user requirement for RPA, and we are well-prepared to shine in the automation world.

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