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What is Robotic Process Automation?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) uses software robots to automate manual, rule-based, and repetitive business activities, boosting enterprise productivity while eliminating human errors.
  • RPA refers to software-based automation
  • RPA robots are software packages that can work like humans
  • RPA robots can operate repetitive processes that are previously handled by humans
  • RPA robots can carry out massive, repetitive tasks without making errors

#RPA is used to #automate most tedious, repetitive works in the office. Due to COVID-19, more and more organizations are expected to grow their RPA capacity to increase #productivity and lower #human-cost.

QCT has envisioned the user requirement for RPA, and we are well-prepared to shine in the automation world.

Why deploy RPA tools...?

QCT is an infrastructure expert with years of RPA implementation experience. Powered by Intel technology, we provide an efficient and affordable RPA Solution based on our deep application knowhow, liberating your manpower for the things that really matter.

  • Better SOP keeping
  • Cost & time saving
  • Automatically completes repetitive works
  • Increases management capacity
  • Improves processes
  • Reduces human errors
  • Easy to scale out
  • Generates SOP insights & analysis
Increasing Staff Value

By deploying RPA, staff will be allowed to make more value-added contributions.

QCT Value Proposition

With years of experience implementing RPA, QCT knows what you need and offers a one-stop RPA deployment service. We can help you ease staff’s workloads from infrastructure and application levels.

We can help you build your exclusive, intelligent digital workers.

  • Saving your cost
  • Optimizing your business process
  • Increasing your productivity

RPA Center of Excellence

#RPA is charming, but do you know HOW to implement RPA into your enterprise? A #CoE, Center of Excellence, helps to manage the RPA system. The main function of CoE are helping define the requirements for a business uint and standardize on the framework for RPA deployment.

QCT have the most professional CoE ever, help users implement RPA at a fast pace.


QCT’s RPA Solution: A Building Block Service

QCT offers a flexible end-to-end solution to expedite your RPA journey. From infrastructure planning and building to service implementation, each step can be customized to fit your specific requirements.

Infra / Hardware

Infra / Hardware

  • Hardware Maintenance
  • Infra Plan & Building
  • Hardware

Application / Software

Application / Software

  • RPA SW Tracking
  • RPA SW Help Desk
  • RPA Software

End to end RPA implementation

End to end RPA implementation

  • RPA Training
  • Trial Run
  • Deployment
  • Developing
  • Building Process
  • Interview

With years of RPA implementation experience, QCT can make your process automation dreams come true by building exclusive, intelligent digital workers, that boost productivity while saving on labor costs.

We listen to you, and we deliver what you need.

  • Trustworthy infrastructure
  • Fast RPA implementation
  • Efficient and flexible RPA solution

Digitize Routine Operations to Drive Productivity

Opportunities for automation lie in every functional unit, point-to-point process, and business unit in virtually all scenarios, from HR service, supply chain management, customer relationship management to IT, financial, and accounting tasks. QCT consolidates all the processes and steps to derive an “AS-IS” model on top of Intel platforms, doing the real process optimization for you.

Use Case -
Cost Analysis

By implementing RPA, QCT managed to help a cost analysis team achieve >99% automation, generating reports in minutes instead of hours. QCT build efficient, cost-saving, error-free RPA solutions for RPA users!

0 error rate
Real time

Use Case -
Invoice Processing

RPA is perfect for handling repetitive tasks. QCT achieved 95% automation for invoice processing after implementing RPA, allowing invoice reconciliation and uploading to run 24/7 without human error.

0 error rate

Use Case -
Order Fulfillment

RPA can help you achieve 100% automation for order fulfillment. After implementing RPA, QCT had all purchase orders processed immediately, and all information uploaded to the ERP system accurately.

  • Following all the rules you set up
  • Operating 24-7-365
ZERO error rate with RPA

RPA eliminates human error and generates ready-to-use reports immediately!

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