QCT Premier Intel Select Solution Qualify Software-Defined Solutions to Ensure Customer Success

“We’ve been very fortunate at Intel to collaborate with QCT over about the last decade, to bring about innovations to market very quickly. One of the latest successes has been the partnership from early design through early ship on the Intel Xeon Scalable platform [as part of the] Intel Select Solutions brand”

- Jason Waxman, Corporate Vice President General Manager, Data Center Solutions, Intel.
Pre-configured for quick deployment

Simplify Data Center Modernization

Developed and delivered by QCT and Intel and based on Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, an Intel® Select Solution enables Enterprises, Cloud Service Providers, and Communication Service Providers to make confident choices in deploying data center infrastructure that is pre-defined and purpose-built for key workloads.


Workload-optimized Performance

Selecting and optimizing the right mix of hardware, software, tools, settings, and optimizations to best address a specific data center workload can be a daunting proposition for even the most seasoned technicians. QCT and Intel have combined efforts to ensure that our offerings blend seamlessly to deliver reliable, workload-optimized performance.


System-level Benchmarking and Verification

QCT and Intel employ well-known third party and industry benchmarking tools that simulate real-world loads and help us to identify and eliminate pressure points. All designed to ensure that every Intel® Select Solution is delivered on a balanced platform that achieves the optimal mix of performance, agility, security, and reliability.

QCT Premier Intel Select Solutions

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