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QCT is offering 5G end-to-end hardware products and solutions spanning from on-premise uCPE, edge computing, 5G NR, 5G Core, to service assurance and applications.

In Telco worlds, QCT not only provide carrier-grade and commercial level solutions, but also collaborate with open source communities and have achievements with our strong ecosystem partner. Along with updates to Rakuten cloud native success, an ORAN DU/CU disaggregated architecture and ONAP machine learning based data lake project with China Mobile are just a few of the many examples.

As QCT believes 5G starts now and because 5G revolves around applications which require eMBB, uRLLC, or mMTC scenarios, QCT collaborated with software partners like Intel, Red Hat, Altiostar, Baicells, Radisys, ASTRI, and Altran to realize NFV architectures to help Telcos transform from a traditional central office to 5G data center (5GDC), accelerating new services implementation.

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QCT Telco Ecosystem Collaboration (QTec) Lab

New Ecosystem, New Opportunity


This is a defining moment for the mobile industry. As the world enters the 5G era, mobile networks are moving away from legacy network architectures of 4G towards dynamic web-scale capabilities, in response to the mounting demands of the highly competitive service market.

We work jointly with open communities, independent software vendors (ISV) and system integrators (SI).

Telco operators can leverage this solid ecosystem to foster 5G virtualization.

QCT collaborates with best in class technology partners to cultivate:

  1. NFVI Optimization
  2. Mobile end-to-end testbed
  3. Broadband end-to-end testbed

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QCT 5G technical resources

  1. Telco Product Portfolio (including uCPE)
  2. Datasheet (EN)- QxStack with Cloud-Native Platform (OpenShift)
  3. Technical Brief (EN)- QxStack with Cloud-Native Platform (OpenShift)
  4. Technical Brief (EN) - QCT Validated Kubernetes Platform with Enhanced Platform Awareness
  5. Whitepaper (EN)- Next Generation Central Office (NGCO) solution
  6. Solution Brief (EN)- QCT and netElastic Optimized vBNG Solution for Next Generation Central Office
  7. Solution Brief (EN)- Visual Cloud
  8. Whitepaper (EN)- 5G Data Center (5GDC)
  9. Solution brief - ISS-NFVI forwarding platform (vBNG)
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