QCT Enterprise 5G Can Increase
Customer Satisfaction with Smart Retail

Smart Retail is the retail of tomorrow –
reinventing customer engagement with cutting-edge technology

Smart Retail Use Case Examples

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1. Product Interaction Synergizing AI and XR, consumers can be allowed to explore and test out products with digitally integrated and interactive content to make informed purchasing decisions; for example, trying on clothes virtually with smart touch screens or test driving and visualizing car interiors with smart glasses. 2. Personalized Marketing Using smart personalization engines and indoor positioning to show personalized advertisements, individualized content can be delivered to connect with customers and drive revenue. 3. Information Visualization With AR, AI, and IoT, operations such as customer information searching, pickups, security surveillance, and inventory management can be automated and streamlined. Managers can analyze and visualize shopping behavior as well as receive alarm notifications in real time.​ 4. Dynamic Product Information Can provide real-time updates with AR, allowing consumers to check out information about product availability, sales, exclusive offers, and tailored messages on their devices or electronic shelf labels. 5. In-store Navigation Can help customers locate where they are and give a visual map and guide of the retail space for a streamlined shopping experience.​ 6. Contactless Support Enabled by 5G, automating tasks such as payment allows for more streamlined, efficient service. Remote customer service offers contactless and faster support, increasing customer satisfaction and retention.

1. Product Interaction

Allow better connectivity, higher speed, and enhanced security for more employees. For instance, offer video conferencing or even holographic calls with virtually no lag to improve productivity. Live translation and transcripts can also be generated and displayed next to the speaker.

2. Personalized Marketing

5G and AR will facilitate visualization and remote collaboration on projects, allowing real-time editing of large files (e.g., 4K videos and 3D models) with near-instant file transfers.

3. Information Visualization

Collecting sensor data with AI, offices can optimize workplace light and heating as well as reduce downtime and extend machine life cycle via predictive maintenance. An IoT connectivity platform can be used for management.

4. Dynamic Product Information

Situational and practice-based training and simulation can be used for effective employee training such as for skill development or product and service training.

5. In-store Navigation

Allow more efficient room scheduling and enable virtual reality meeting rooms to reduce need for physical space.

6. Contactless Support

Automating tasks such as payment with 5G to allow for more streamlined, efficient services. Remote customer service offers contactless and faster support, increasing customer satisfaction and retention.

Topology and Slot Format Example

Smart Retail

Wireless Automation


1,500 m2


20x IP Camera


Uplink 60+ Mbps

Referenced Infra:

  • Balanced Speed Focus
  • 1x BBU + 1x FHGW + 2 RRU
  • NOTICE: The example above is for reference only; the actual architecture will depend on the specific application and field site requirements of each customer.

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