IronEdge for Open RAN

IronEdge- QCT CU/DU Server for Open RAN

The growing prevalence of Open RAN has enabled numerous innovations in the space of wireless connectivity, driving service and supply chain diversity as the disaggregation of radio access networks facilitates the implementation of open interfaces. With pre-optimized Open RAN solutions, QCT and ecosystem partners are dedicated to accelerating Open RAN deployments to reach the economies of scale.
Open RAN Centric Design
Featuring flexible expansion slot designs and numerous CPU options, QCT’s DU/CU servers deliver best-fit capacity and performance for Open RAN scenarios.
Environmentally Robust
NEBS compliant and environmentally robust, QCT’s telco servers are designed with a wide range of operating temperatures in mind to meet rigid environmental requirements of telecom solutions.
Pre-integrated &
QCT’s telco servers are pre-integrated and pre-optimized to meet the interoperability and flexibility needs of open RAN solutions.
QCT Server Portfolio for Open RAN

QCT is realizing True Open RAN

Pre-integration and Optimization from the aspects of commodities, containerization and ecosystem interoperability.

Building up Open RAN infrastructures with QCT pre-validated Systems

QCT selects and validates the latest accelerators, NIC cards and connectivity technologies on QCT servers to build robust Open RAN systems.
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QuantaEdge for Open RAN

Harmonized DU solution Reach to Highest Capacity

QCT Open RAN Centric Solution support flexible expansion slots that can interoperate with the add on cards that are necessary in DU server, including the accelerators and network cards which performs time synchronization. The flexibility of QCT DU server extends the capability for the services. QCT complete the works of pre-validation and optimization, saving the integration efforts and creating solid harmonized solution.

NIC Cards

Extending Open RAN Connectivity
QCT-validated NIC cards that support time synchronization for fronthaul connection.

  • Edgewater Channel
  • Westport Channel
  • Logan Beach
  • Salem Channel
  • Chapman Beach
  • Tacoma Rapids
  • STS1
  • STS2
  • STS3
  • Connect 7
  • Bluefield 2


Boosting DU Capacity
QCT Validated FEC Accelerator to provide Ready to deploy DU system.

  • ACC100 (Intel vRAN Accelerator ACC100 Adapter)​
  • ACC200 (Intel® vRAN Boost)
  • Lisbon ACC100

Deploying and managing DU/CU in various environments through containerization

QCT has collaborated with ecosystem partners to validate container platforms for Open RAN.

Wind River > >
Red Hat OpenShift >

Participating in open communities to accelerate Open RAN developments

QCT has collaborated with ecosystem partners to realize end-to-end integration and open fronthaul.
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QuantaEdge for Open RAN

The Achievement of Evolution through Synergy with Ecosystem

As one of the contributor in Open RAN Ecosystem, QCT endeavor in bringing the latest technology to Open RAN and enable the mobile network evolution. Since 2016, QCT carried out the knowhow and experiences of the server design and the perception of the Open RAN to the communities, pouring the maturity of the design concept to accelerate and proof the open and disaggregation in the mobile network.

QCT Accelerates Your Open RAN Journey

Realizing time synchronization in Open RAN DUs

Time synchronization is becoming critical in 5G as TDD radio technology and diverse network deployment architectures have been widely adopted to support demanding use cases. QCT can help you build DUs that deliver time synchronization in an Open RAN environment.

Whitepaper: Design for the Future

As growing network traffic has put today’s networks under constant stress tests, carriers around the world are seeking reliable and cost-effective approaches to meet the connectivity needs. QCT has worked with Rakuten Mobile to build cloud-native mobile networks for the future, delivering high agility, flexibility, and scalability at an ideal TCO.

QCT Highlights in Open RAN

QCT worked with Keysight and ecosystem partners to test end-to-end network performance at O-RAN Spring 2023 Global PlugFest

QCT participated in O-RAN Global PlugFest Spring 2023 to ensure the interoperability and openness of the O-RAN ecosystem.

As 3GPP is holding its 100th session of plenaries in Taiwan this week, QCT is excited to participate in the formulation of new technology.

Featuring short depth, low power consumption and high expandability, the #QuantaEdge EGX74I-1U is a standards-compliant, carrier-grade multi-access edge computing server designed for centralized and distributed RAN.

Taiwan Open Networking Forum invited key US telcos and SIs to meet local 5G equipment providers like QCT.

The EGX63IS-1U, has been included in the TIP marketplace. It delivers excellent expandability and high computing capability, meeting the space and performance requirements of telco deployments.

QCT works with open communities to accelerate networking innovations, building ORAN defined vRAN architecture on Intel Xeon Scalable Platforms.
Telecom Infra Project OpenRAN Project Group is accelerating ORAN deployments through a multi-vendor ecosystem, bringing more new entrants like QCT to the telecom market.
QCT, Radisys Corporation and Intel deliver vRAN solution for 5G, integrating Radisys software and Intel technology on QCT edge servers.
QCT joined IBM and other suppliers to deploy an ORAN proof-of-concept network, which covers 81,000 inhabitants in the city of Puerto Madryn, Argentina.
Rakuten and QCT are disrupting the mobile industry with two revolutionary 5G server platforms for edge and cloud datacenters.

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