QxStack VMware Edition

vSAN ReadyNode™

Flexible Virtualization Architecture to Fulfill Your Workload Solutions

QCT (Quanta Cloud Technology) is a leading datacenter solution provider. We have a comprehensive product line with a wide variety of server, storage, switches, and rack products to meet your needs. QxStack VMware Edition-vSAN ReadyNodeTM is a pre-validated solution integrating various product lines, QCT servers, and VMware leading virtualization software to fit your demands with different use cases and scenarios. QxStack VMware Edition-vSAN ReadyNode™ helps you fully utilize not only computing but also storage resources by breaking traditional storage and silos. It also promotes simplicity, agility, manageability and lowers TCO when building clouds.



Remote & Branch Office


Test & Development

By integrating ultra-design servers and industry-leading virtualization hyper-converged VMware software, QCT ensures outstanding performance when supporting multiple workloads. QxStack VMware Edition-vSAN ReadyNode™ is a series of hyper-converged IaaS appliances with VMware vSAN ReadyNodeTM Certification. It brings the benefits of solving the complexity implementation and management problems in a simply way.

QCT has three pre-validated and optimized offerings to meet your requirements:

Performance Optimized SKU


highest IOPS vSAN can achieving

All NVMe

Provide sufficient performance

High-Density Optimized SKU

QuantaPlex T42S-2U

Equipped with four independent nodes in a 2U server, QuantaPlex T42S-2U, this SKU offers high- availability and exceptional user experience.


support both Hybrid and All Flash

50% lower

Energy consumption

Cost/Capacity Optimized SKU

QuantaGrid D52T-1ULH

With 12 hot-swappable 3.5” disk drives and 4 2.5” U.2 drivers in a 1U chassis, this SKU provides extreme storage density and reach low capacity cost.

Up to 120TB

raw capacity

Cost Efficient

in SDS scenarios


More than 14-years of experience in datacenter system design engineering and manufacturing, QCT is highly recognized as the world’s leading data center enabler for delivering exceptional quality and reliability.


Systems, software and solutions provided by QCT can be managed from a single management interface, QCT to be the single point of contact to solve both hardware and software issues. These two features provide management convenience and shorten datacenter downtime.

Pay as You Grow

QxStack VMware Edition-vSAN ReadyNode™ provides elasticity to grow compute and storage resources by adding new systems to meet various business demand. It is a scalable software-defined data center building blocks providing agility on expanding IaaS services without downtime. 

Faster Time to Value

QCT validated and optimized the solution configuration and provides hardware and software integration service. By using QxStack VMware Edition –Auto Deployment Manager, drastically  shorten implementation time. With the service and tool, IaaS implementation is simplified and customer can get faster time to value in your datacenter.

Latest Technology

Designed with QCT 2nd Generation Server Platforms with Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor, providing sufficient I/O throughput to ensure no scaling bottlenecks to support fast-growing business demands.

Pre-configured for quick deployment

Pre-configured to run the vSphere +  vSAN + vCenter stack in a recommended hardware form factor. Optimized/customized hardware and software configurations to meet business requirements.

Production, Lab, VDI, ROBO
Model NameQuantaGrid D52B
QuantaGrid D52BQ

QuantaPlex T42S
Form Factor1U2U2U
Processor(2) Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors Platinum/ Gold/ Sliver Series
MemoryUp to 1.5TBUp to 4TB
Driver Bays(12) 2.5" hot-plug(12) 3.5" hot-plug
(24) 2.5" hot-plug
(24) 2.5" hot-plug
Cache Tier960GB – 3.84TB960GB – 3.84TB3.84TB
Capacity Tier - HybridUp to 18TBUp to 32.4TB36TB
Capacity Tier - All FlashUp to 19.2TBUp to 34.56TB38.4TB
Hypervisor PerloadedVMware ESXi
Software LicenseVMware vSphere®, VMware vSAN™, VMware vCenter®, VMware vRealize® Operations Manager™(Optional)
Warranty3 years hardware warranty and 1 year VMware SNS support
For more SKUs, please VMware Compatibility Guide-vSAN

High-Capacity DemandMission Critical Production Environment
Model nameQuantaGrid D52T

QuantaGrid D52B

Processor(2) Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors Platinum/Gold/ Sliver Series(2) Intel® Xeon® Gold 6152 Processor
MemoryUp to 384GB384GB
Driver Bays(12) 3.5" hot-plug HDD
(4) 2.5" hot-plug SSD
(12) 2.5" hot-plug
Cache Tier3.84TB to 7.68TB750GB (NVMe)
Capacity Tier- HybridUp to 120TBN/A
Capacity Tier- All FlashN/A8TB (NVMe)
Hypervisor preloadedVMware ESXi
Software LicenseVMware vSphere®, VMware vSAN™, VMware vCenter®, VMware vRealize® Operations Manager™(Optional)
Warranty 3 years hardware warranty and 1 year VMware SNS support
For more SKUs, please visitVMware Compatibility Guide-vSAN

For more SKUs, please visit VMware Compatibility Guide-vSAN.

QxStack VMware Edition-vSAN ReadyNode™ Downloads

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  • Datasheet

    QCT Vision for VMware


    QxStack VMware Edition-vSAN ReadyNode








    QxStack vSAN ReadyNode Performance Optimized SKU- Intel Select solution


    QxStack VMware Edition-vSAN ReadyNode Datasheet


    QxStack VMware Edition-vSAN ReadyNode Datasheet


    QxStack VMware Edition-vSAN ReadyNode Datasheet


  • Reference Architecture

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