A Purpose-built Solution for Converged
HPC and AI Workloads

QCT POD for Higher Education and Research

QCT POD for High Education and Research (HER) is a pre-configured and pre-validated and converged HPC/ AI platform to meet different research demands, like Numeric Weather Prediction (NWP), Quantum Chemistry and Molecular Dynamics (MD), etc. QCT ensures the quality and serviceability of infrastructure, which could accelerate time to value on their research activities such as weather forecast, imitating atom’s movement and interaction or understanding electronic structure.

QCT POD for HER Architecture

QCT POD for HER architecture is composed of a set of common building blocks to ensure a high degree of flexibility and scalability. The building blocks include the Utility Building Block, Compute Building Block, and Storage Building Block that are each connected by network fabrics that can be customized to fit specific HPC/AI workload demands.

Platform Features

Shorten Time-to-result
Enable researchers to run simulations efficiently and speed up productivity with QCT HPC Workload Package.
Optimize Investment
Achieve better resource utilization and time-to-value with QCT converged HPC/AI platform.
Streamline Workflow and Management

Modernize and streamline your
system monitoring and management
with QCTPOD Manager.

Platform Features

Successful Case

NCHC Taiwania2 Supercomputing for National laboratory
QCT established an AI cloud computing platform, which could provide real-time and convenient computing services to the industry, university, and institute circles. QCT delivered an AI cluster that includes 252 compute servers, each equipped with 2 CPUs and 8 state-of-the-art GPUs. The system had direct-to-chip liquid cooling to enable superior energy efficiency in the Green 500 list.
NCHC Taiwania3 Supercomputing for National laboratory
QCT implemented the Taiwania 3 supercomputer with an ultra dense multi-node server that utilizes dual Intel Xeon Scalable Processors with InfiniBand HDR100 100Gbps high-speed network with high-efficiency parallel and distributed computing. The Taiwania 3 benefits from all the capabilities of a modern cloud infrastructure, including rapid deployment, liquid cooling and 50,400 computing cores.

QCT Solution Center to Make your Solution Success

Provide support from our HPC/AI system design consultation, configuration, benchmarking, and certification to industry standards to ensure key workload performance.

QCT accumulates numerous experiences from building Supercomputers Taiwania 2 and 3 to ensure the reliability, serviceability, and optimized performance of the solution in the HPC/AI research field, assisting national laboratory and academic institutions in solving complex problems, such as weather forecasting, imitating atom’s movement and interaction or understanding electronic structure, astronomy research, new material development and drug discovery. QCT empowers customers to tackle most challenging problems with maximized ROI on their infrastructure.


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