Wind River Studio Cloud Platform

Wind River and QCT Deliver a Powerful Platform for 5G vRAN

Wind River, a global leader of software for the intelligent edge, is accelerating digital transformation of mission-critical intelligent systems.

As a first wave partner to the Wind River Studio Hardware Ready Program, QCT completed self-validation with data center and edge servers which are designed to help service providers reduce OPEX while accelerating the introduction of new high-value services. Wind River designed its cloud native Wind River Studio to be cost optimized for edge deployments such as the vRAN workload.

Moreover, QCT and Wind River are committed to the O-RAN and TIP communities to lead the way to cloudification-based 5G vRAN.

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IronCloud Wind River Studio Cloud Platform for vRAN

Enabling Cloud RAN Systems for New Edge Workloads and Service

Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) servers based on Intel® architecture deliver carrier-class performance, but optimal Cloud RAN performance comes when a system is tuned — from the accelerators to the BIOS, firmware, operating system, and virtualization stack. Key items that will be covered in this discussion:

  • HW Platform Ingredients
  • Enabling Software
  • HW Optimization for the RAN
  • Platform Software Optimization
  • Solution verification (System Integration)
Streamlined Open RAN Deployments Powered by QCT and Wind River

As 5G is being deployed around the world, it’s crucial to have a cloud platform that can power the use cases for a virtualized mobile network and open RAN. learn more about how QCT, powered by Wind River’s platform, is changing the landscape mobile network on a global scale.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How Wind River’s cloud platform is enabling use cases in the open RAN and vRAN sphere.
  • What challenges and needs telco operators are facing in their journey to open RAN deployment.
  • How QCT integrates solutions from Intel and Wind River engineer interoperability between different layers, from hardware, virtualization, to applications, for a more open RAN solution.

Wind River Studio Cloud Platform Hardware Ready


Defying Physical Limitations

NUMA-Balanced Design to Scale Along with Your Business
Performance Upgraded for vRAN/ MEC Edge Server

vRAN on Wind River Architecture for Intel Select Solutions

Performance Validation of FlexRAN on Wind River Studio with QCT 3rd Gen Platform as DU

QCT & Wind River Devoted in O-RAN Plugfest and TIP Community

QCT-Wind River E2E Interoperability in 2nd EMEA Plugfest
  • The validated end-to-end interoperable O-RAN O-RU/O-CU/O-DU with Baicells, QCT, Wind River and Altran solutions.
  • The validated multi-vendor solution in the case of O-RAN Open Fronthaul 7-2x split (Cat A).
  • The validated COTS hardware with the hardware acceleration for both O-CU and O-DU on a real time O-Cloud (CaaS) SW Platform

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