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Today’s data center operations are facing new challenges, from handling more data traffic driven by new applications to security, and limited budgeting that constrain IT resources.

As organizations are looking for a new IT solution to manage all these challenges and demands, QCT Windows Server Cloud Ready Appliances provides agile and flexible cloud appliances as a foundation for delivering new capabilities quickly to market. The solution, which is composed of performance benchmarked QCT hardware and the preinstalled Microsoft Windows Server SDDC Software Stack is optimized to handle a variety of virtualization workloads.

Certified systems

Accelerate your business with QCT Azure Stack HCI solution

As Long-Term Partner With Microsoft, QCT Azure Stack HCI Solution Brings You The Quickest, Safest, Most Cost-Effective Way To Explore The Benefits Of Windows Server 2019.

The Azure Stack HCI Is An Invitation-Only Program By Microsoft In Which Solution Providers Design Hyper-Converged Infrastructures With Windows Server Technologies.

After Going Through Microsoft’s Validation And Requirements, All The Systems Are Preconfigured With Components, Tested And Certified By QCT, To Avoid Any Guesswork.

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Management Tool

WAC - QCT WAC Extension Leads a Simple Path to Infrastructure Management

Windows Admin Center is a locally-deployed, browser-based management tool set developed by Microsoft.

Leveraging existing capabilities within Windows Admin Center, the QCT Management Suite, a tailor made QCT extension, integrates the exclusive QCT system configuration information in a single pane of glass dashboard which provides users a simple and seamless experience to manage and monitor their IT infrastructure.

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Downloads for QxStack Windows Server Solution

  • Datasheet

    QCT Azure Stack HCI & Windows Sever Software Defined Datasheet


    QCT Management Suite Datasheet


    QxStor Microsoft Backup Solution Datasheet


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  • Deployment Guide

    QCT Azure Stack HCI Deployment Guide for Scale-out Storage_v.1.3


    QCT Azure Stack HCI Deployment Guide for Rancher Kubernetes_v.1.3


  • Technical use case

    QCT Azure Stack HCI Solution Brief for VDI_v2.0


    QCT Azure Stack HCI Solution Brief for Scale-out Storage


    QCT Azure Stack HCI Solution Brief for SQL Server_v2.0


    QCT Azure Stack HCI Solution Brief for Branch Office and Edge_v1.0


    QCT Azure Stack HCI Solution Brief for Rancher Kubernetes_v2.0


    QCT Azure Stack HCI Use Case for VDI


    QCT Azure Stack HCI Solution Brief for Trusted enterprise virtualization_v2.0


  • Whitepaper

    QCT Azure Stack HCI White Paper for VDI_User Desktop Solution


    QCT Azure Stack HCI White Paper for VDI Solution


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