OmniView Solution Delivers Seamless & Powerful
Network Management for Private 5G Systems

QCT OmniView is an Operations, Administration, and Management (OAM) System that manages and monitors OmniPOD hardware and software, including 5G Core and 5G RAN.

We are dedicated to providing enterprises a best-in-class network management system to drive seamless, agile and reliable private 5G services.

OmniView Benefits

Increased Operational Efficiency

Decreased Maintenance & Management Costs

Enhanced Network Service Assurance

OmniView Features

Visualized Management

Key system indicators are visualized in a graphic dashboard for easy management.

Single Pane of Glass Display

All network data is displayed in a unified view.

SIM Provisioning & Management

Activating, deactivating, managing SIM card remotely. 

QCT OmniView Architecture

Security Management System Management License Management Fault Management Topology Management Performance Management Reporting Configuration Management Security management is used to manage users and user groups as well as to record operation logs. Fault management is used to manage and monitor all alarms that are generated by network functions and hardware of OmniPOD. License management allows users to manage OmniPOD
Topology management is used to display the physical and logical views of the network structure, networking relationship, and operating status of QCT OmniPOD.
System management is used to set up the overall system such as back up & restore, and it also displays the basic information of overall system.

Configuration management is used to execute SIM import and UE provisioning and configure the key parameters of OmniPOD. Reporting allows users to manage and export all reports that are generated by the network system. Performance management is used to display and monitor the key performance indicators that are generated by OmniPOD.
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