Powering Network Transformation Revolution with QCT 5GDC Solution


Carrier Grade Hardware

QCT-optimized hardware on 2nd Generation Intel Xeon Scalable Processors


Optimized Container Platform

Hardware auto-configuration with an easy-to-use deployment toolkit

Pre-configured for quick deployment

Accelerated Network Functions

Prevalidated and preconfigured service to achieve high performance


Easy Management and Monitoring

Integrated MANO services with a single-portal and real-time management tool

With the growing demand of 5G applications and increasing Capital Expenditure (CapEx), novel virtualization network and cloud-native technologies are essential to fulfill the requirements of low latency, high network bandwidth, and high number of connected devices.

QCT introduces the container-based 5G Data Center (5GDC) solution, which leverages advanced integration and optimization techniques to provide an enhanced level of service assurance, ensuring that our customers take a leading position in the 5G era. Upgraded from the award-winning NGCO solution, 5GDC solution (also named NGCO2.0 solution) delivers higher agility, scalability, and flexibility to meet the needs of new 5G services.

QCT’s 5GDC solution integrates optimized hardware with in-house automation and zero touch provisioning container platform, with ecosystem partners’ cutting-edge workloads on board. In addition to ensuring user experience, QCT designs NFV Director, a single portal and real-time management tool with an optimized UI dashboard, telemetry 2.0, and ONAP technology, to monitor and maintain different devices simultaneously and effectively.

QCT’s MANO solution offers a one-stop shop for 5G data center visibility. This doesn’t mean that the overview it gives is simplistic; instead, it offers a detailed report of the network without creating an overload of information.

  • All the information users need on a single dashboard
  • Dynamic site mapping of all 5G data centers
  • Physical hardware monitoring for a quick overview of data center status
  • Easier virtual infrastructure management
  • VNF and 5G core visibility and management
  • Automation mechanism from baremetal introspection to solution deployment
  • An open, flexible, expandable framework to build up comprehensive MANO system

Solution Architecture

Reference Architecture Design



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