Breakthrough Accelerated Performance for Giant-scale AI-HPC Applications

QuantaGrid S74G-2U

QCT QuantaGrid S74G-2U

Grace-Hopper Superchip MGX Server

QuantaGrid S74G-2U is the NVIDIA Grace-Hopper Superchip server which combines ARM-based Grace CPU (72 cores) and Hopper GPU (H100) with NVLink chip-to-chip interconnection and supports 96GB of HBM3 and 480GB of LPDDR5 memory.

Powered by the revolutionary architecture of the NVIDIA Grace-Hopper, QCT QuantaGrid S74G-2U empowers the breakthrough computing performance to the AI and HPC applications.

NVIDIA Grace Hopper Superchip

The NVIDIA Grace Hopper™ Superchip combines the Grace™ CPU and Hopper™ GPU with NVLink®-C2C interconnection empowering breakthrough computing performance to various AI and HPC applications.

 Photo by NVIDIA


Bring Accelerated Computing to AI and HPC users with modular design
NVIDIA MGX™ is the modular architecture with a variety of server configurations tailored for AI, HPC, and NVIDIA Omniverse applications efficiently. NVIDIA MGX™ supports a range of GPUs, CPUs, data processing units (DPUs), and network adapters, including x86 and Arm processors.

AI HPC Workload

True Heterogenous AI/HPC System
  • Future compatible with NVIDIA CPU, GPU, DPU
  • Easy to deploy with full support for an NVIDIA software stack
Accelerated Computing Workloads
  • Machine Learning and Inference workloads

    e.g., NLP, DLRM

  • Database workloads

    e.g., Hash Join

  • HPC workloads

    e.g., OpenFOAM, GROMACS

Breakthrough Performance
  • Memory size intensive
  • CPU-to-GPU interaction intensive

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