QCT High Performance Computing (HPC) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Sales & Technical Enablement

To: WWT SLED Customer Managers and Customer Systems Engineers/Architects

You are invited to participate in the QCT online High Performance Computing (HPC) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Sales & Technical Enablement Programs (STEPs). The intention of the STEPs are to demystify HPC/AI and to grow awareness and capacity for WWT CM/CSE/CSA teams to effectively pursue HPC/AI sales opportunities. STEPs are an experiential design, allowing for skills onboarding, using, and tuning in a short period of time.

The HPC/AI STEPs cover the HPC/AI market segments, which are consistently vibrant and growing segments, along with the means to approach each segment through architecture designs, demand analyses, and case studies.

The format of the STEPs start out with a combined CM/CSE/CSA session followed by two tracks of sessions, one for CMs and one for CSEs/CSAs. The STEPs conclude with a combined session where practical applications of HPC/AI sales and technical skills are demonstrated and refined.

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You will receive session links after your registration. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at QCT/WWT sessions.


Program flow for Customer System Engineers/Architects

Audience Level: Intermediate Technical

Content Type: HPC, Supercomputing, Data Center Infrastructure, AI

Industry: Higher Education / Research, Public Sector, Supercomputing

Title Speaker Date
Session CSE-1 Get Started in HPC Grover Hwang May XX
Session CSE-2 System Design & Architect Grover Huang May XX
Session CSE-3 Performance and Benchmark Tuning Grover Huang May XX
Session CSE-4 Demand Analysis Grover Huang May XX
Session CSE-5 System Deployment and Integration Grover Huang June XX
Session CSE-6 System Management and Operation Grover Huang June XX

Program flow for Customer Mangers

Audience Level: Light Technical, Intermediate Sales

Content Type: HPC, Supercomputing, Data center infrastructure, AI

Industry: Higher Education / Research, Public Sector, Supercomputing

Session CM-1HPC Foundations Part IStephen WheatMay XX
Session CM-2HPC Foundations Part IIStephen WheatMay XX
Session CM-3HPC sales touch pointsStephen WheatMay XX
Session CM-4Deployment Models, Funding Sources, and TimingStephen WheatMay XX
Session CM-5HPC Deployment ModelsStephen WheatJune XX
Session CM-6Sales StrategiesStephen WheatJune XX

STEPs Facilitators

  • Grover Hwang
  • 20+ years of experiences in Linux/Unix administration
  • 10+ years of experience in HPC administration/procurement
  • Code developer/optimizer in HPC workloads (weather, climate, and CFD.)
  • Joined the QCT R&D team in 2020.
  • Stephen Wheat
  • Stephen Wheat is an HPC/AI Business Development consultant to QCT and a Professor of Computer Science at Oral Roberts University
  • He has been in the HPC domain since 1980, first at Tenneco Oil, followed by AT&T Bell Laboratories, Sandia National Laboratories, Intel, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise.
  • His senior-most role was as General Manager for Intel’s world-wide HPC business unit. His current research focus areas are graph analytics, homology, and analytics-based weather forecasting.
  • He is a Gordon Bell Prize recipient and was twice honored as a Person to Watch by HPC Wire. He received his Ph.D. at the University of New Mexico.
  • Earl J. Dodd
  • Global HPC Business Practice leader at WWT in the Global Engineering Team (GET).
  • Earl’s focus is on strategy formulation and architecture for secure ultra-scale systems in collaborative environments that can leverage the HPC Cloud.
  • Earl has over 42 years’ experience in HPC & Supercomputing and has helped and lead commercial enterprises, professional organizations, and government positions.

Earl is a frequent speaker and expert panelist at national and international trade shows, conferences, and marketing events.

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