Fulfill Diverse Visual Cloud Services

As a leading infrastructure provider, QCT offers a wide range of edge servers. These optimized hardware platforms provide extraordinary computing performance in diverse 5G cloud services, including cloud-gaming, ad insertion, and object recognition. What’s more, service providers can enjoy a cost-efficient hardware infrastructure with high stability and computing capability so as to provide good experience to the end users.

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Speed Up for Future Gaming!

QCT provides optimized 5G network hardware, ensuring fast data transmission with ultra-low latency to deliver superior gaming experience. To offer stable and reliable media contents and services, QCT servers are strengthened by accelerators such as GPU and FPGA to enhance computing and networking capability.

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Optimized for vRAN/ MEC Use Cases

QuantaGrid D52Y-2U

The 420mm ultra-short chassis makes it a perfect choice for edge deployment. Distinguished, flexible I/O option supports up to 5 PCIe expansion slots for GPU or FPGA accelerator cards, and the NUMA-Balanced design provides lower latency and more balance to achieve I/O transparency and optimum computing performance. 

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