OmniRAN Solution

Enable Wider Connections with More Possibilities
OmniRAN is QCT’s radio access network solution that also helps coordinate network resources across various wireless devices to enable innovative applications such as AR/VR, AGV/AMR, drones and cloud gaming. OmniRAN supports our customers with robust and performant edge appliances to deliver the flexibility, operational efficiency, and network agility they need.

Why Deploy QCT OmniRAN Solution?

Disaggregated platform

BBU software built on top of x86 general purpose servers

High compatibility

3GPP-compliant to interwork with various 5G terminals

Expandable radio network for a single cell

Depending on field coverage requirements , each cell can support up to 4 remote radio units (RRUs)

Flexible deployment

Both wall-mount and ceiling-mount options are available to meet diverse use case demands

Adjustable ratio for uplink and downlink time slots

Flexible frame structure to accommodate varying uplink data rates for different use cases

Explore QCT OmniRAN Solution

To deliver higher speeds and mobility, QCT OmniRAN leverages and maximizes the capacity of Baseband Units (BBUs), Fronthaul Gateways (FHGWs), Remote Radio Units (RRUs), and RAN software to enable multiple applications.
Capacity & Features
  • O-RAN 7-2 Function Split
  • Sub6 GHz
  • 1 BBU can support 1 FHGW cell with 100MHz 4×4 MIMO
  • 1 BBU can connect to 4 RRUs via 1 FHGW
  • Time synchronization: IEEE1588, GPS
  • Adjustable UL/DL ratio
  • RRU Ceiling Mount and Wall Mount options

Product Specifications

Baseband Unit (BBU)
QCT BBU integrates CU and DU functions in one box.
Model NameOmniRAN-E5GBBU
Standard3GPP R15 SA
QPSK, 16QAM, 64QAM, 256QAM
Active User/
Connected User
100 active UE/ >350 connected UE
No. of Cells;
Cell bandwidth
1 cell; 100 MHz per cell
MIMO4 x 4
Frame Structure
Flexibility (DL: UL)
Fronthaul Gateway (FHGW)
The FHGW acts as an expansion unit for the BBU. It distributes downlink signals from the BBU to multiple RRUs, and merges uplink signals from multiple RRUs to the BBU, thereby extending the coverage of 5G radio signals across a wide area.
Model NameIronRAN-FG GenA
Cell Support;
RRU Support
1 cell with 100 MHz, 4×4 MIMO; Multiple RRUs supported
GPSEmbedded GPS module (IEEE 1588v2 grand master)
IEEE 1588v2
Ingress ProtectionIP20
Power Supply110/220V AC
Power Consumption<70W (only FHGW);
Dimensions and
446 x 250 x 44.5 (mm) ; 4.3 kg
Power for RRU+54V DC, 80W (per RRU)
-5°C ~ 45°C
5% ~ 95%
Remote Radio Unit (RRU)
QCT RRU connects to a BBU or an FHGW to convert digital signals and emit 5GNR wireless signals to 5G devices. It supports O-RAN 7-2x architecture.
Model NameIronRAN-RUx PI GenA
Bandn79 , n78 (actual operating frequency depends on hardware SKU)
Bandwidth100 MHz
RF Output Power250mW/channel; Total: 1W
SynchronizationIEEE 1588v2
PlacementWall mount & ceiling mount
Function SplitO-RAN option 7-2
Power Supply54V DC from FHGW though power cord
Power Consumption60W
Dimension and
204.7 x 259.6 x 52.5 (mm) without mount kit
204.7 x 259.6 x 72.5 (mm) with mount kit
1.34 KG
-5°C ~ 45°C
5% ~ 95%
NoiseUnder normal temperature (25°C ) < 40 dBA
Ingress ProtectionIP30 for indoor