QCT 5G Core

OmniCore Solution

QCT OmniCore is a cloud-native, virtualized 5G core network solution built on commodity hardware that allows for the optimization of network functions and the realization of dynamic 5G applications and services (e.g., eMBB, mMTC, uRLLC) for diverse vertical industry requirements.

Why choose QCT OmniCore Solution?

OmniCore Architecture & Specifications

QCT OmniCore Product Specifications
Standard3GPP Release 15 compliant
Product Features– Supports standalone mode
– Supports service-based architecture (SBA)
– Has a high availability (HA) design
– Architecture supports Control/User Plane Separation
– Built on commercial-off-the-shelf servers
System CapacityAttached UE > 10K units
Registered SIM > 10K units
Total bandwidth > 130 Gbps
Connected gNodeB > 200 cells
Network FunctionsCP: AMF, SMF, UDM, AUSF, PCF; DP: UPF
Reference PointsN1, N2, N3, N4, N6, N7, N8, N10, N11, N12, N13, N15
5GC Hardware Architecture– 2 5GC Servers (QuantaGrid D52BQ-2U)
– 2 Data Switches (QuantaMesh T4048-IX8D)
– 1 Management Switch (QuantaMesh T1048-LY4R)

QCT OmniCore Design Concept - High Availability (HA)

To deliver high system reliability

  • OmniCore adopts a High Availability (HA) Design with active & standby nodes.
  • OmniCore features compute & network clusters with HA, hot-swappable components and supports real-time data backup.
  • When a single point of failure (SPOF) occurs, the system will enable an automatic switchover to ensure HA.
  • OmniCore’s HA design ensures failover of the PDU session from the active node to the standby node.