Paving the Way for Digital Transformation

QCT has been working closely with partners and customers to develop trustworthy and high-performance product portfolios. With advanced IT and CT technologies, QCT extends its innovation journey to both public and private 5G network development with diverse 5G applications driving digital transformation.


Winning the Network Virtualization Race

QCT’s hyperscale edge servers enable end-to-end virtualization and facilitate easier 5G network deployment through a cloud-native, open-source architecture and a diverse partner ecosystem. This is made clear through the Rakuten Communications Platform, the first cloud-native mobile platform ever deployed. Using QCT and Intel’s hardware, Rakuten is leading the pack in cloud-native 5G deployments and fully virtualized mobile networks.

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Gaining Validation with Taiwan’s First 5G SA Core Network

Independently developed by QCT, Taiwan’s first 5G standalone (SA) core network has passed interoperability and performance verifications for 5G Open Network Lab operated by Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute. In addition to core network hardware, this 5G SA solution is also equipped with an OAM software package, providing a convenient user interface required for commercial adoption.


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