Realize Value of Network and Accelerate 5G Deployments

QCT offers a series of ultra-short depth design and high-performance servers to bring benefits to enterprises. From great cost reduction due to the usage of open/ disaggregated platforms to flexible applications deployments with innovative software-defined architectures.

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Innovates and Optimizes the Whole Network

Up to 5x PCIe expansion slotQCT EGT23D-DT uses up to Intel 12 cores SoC and is a quieter appliance featuring multi-connectivity, sufficient redundancy and low-power and fan-less design. It provides future-ready scalability essential for reaping the benefits of virtualized network functions.

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Ultimate I/O Flexibility vRAN/MEC Edge Server

QuantaGrid SD2H-1U is a highly serviceable and configurable server suited for edge vRAN and MEC applications. With ultra-short depth 400mm chassis design and NEBS level 3 compliant, this server provides maximum reliability and safety requirements for telco environments.

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Optimized Network Performance vRAN/ MEC Edge Server

QuantaGrid D52Y-2U is a 420mm ultra-short edge server with NUMA-Balance, distinguished, flexible I/O design. It adheres to NEBS compliance and supports AC or -48 DC power supplies while supporting up to 5 PCIe expansion slots for GPU or FPGA accelerator cards to improve computing efficiency.

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Reliable and Performance Optimized Edge Server

Highly scalable, the QuantaGrid D52BE-2U is a 579 mm in-depth server optimized for NFVI and vRAN applications. Featuring tool-less HDD/SDD trays and PCIe riser modules, it’s designed with up to 7 PCIe slots and holds up to 3 TB of memory capacity, making it a top choice for environments with space constraints.

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