Optimized Cloud Native Solution Supports Your 5G Infra

QCT has taken initiative in the open source communities and co-works with market leading partners to direct cloud native development and to integrate its hardware infrastructure from data center to edge. Starting from NUMA-Balanced hardware design, QCT leverages Intel technologies as well as validates and optimizes network functions of 5G core networks to create an optimal NFV Infrastructure. With enhanced level of service assurance, QCT can ensure customers take a leading position in the 5G era.

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Flexible and Open Architecture Save Your Costs

An open and disaggregated architecture that operates on either RedHat OpenShift or Kubernetes platform to offer enhanced service assurance with ideal CAPEX and OPEX.
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Pre-Validated and High-Throughput Platform Boosts Your Performance

A pre-validated RedHat OpenShift platform featuring Intel® SST-BF and EPA technologies, delivering the superior network performance and service stability needed for NFV workloads.
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Success Story: QCT & Rakuten First Cloud Native 5G Network

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