QCT Premier Intel Select Solutions

Performance Optimized SKU for VMware vSANTM Version 2

Minimize Time To Deploy New Infrastructure.
Reduce Time To Evaluate, Select, And Purchase Necessary Hardware Components.
Pre-optimize the setting parameters for business common use cases such as E-commerce or scalable web scenario to reach outstanding performance, exceeding Intel® Select program’s threshold.

Efficient, Secured, Agile, Simplified Management Solution for Your Private Cloud Environment

In order to assist customers and partners to accelerate data center transformation, QCT participates in the Intel Select Solutions Program and collaborates with Intel to provide a ready-to-use software-defined data center solution- Performance Optimized SKU, with following features:

  • Designed with 2nd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors and the latest Intel® OptaneTM SSD which helps break through storage bottlenecks and allows for bigger, more affordable datasets in QuantaGrid D52B system, Performance Optimized SKU provides sufficient I/O throughput to ensure no scaling bottlenecks to support your fast-growing business demand.
  • With pre-configured and pre-validated offerings, our solution simplifies the process of selecting and deploying the hardware and software needed for today’s complex business need, accelerating your time-to-value.
  • Performance-optimized specifically for VMware vSANTM.

By adopting these industry-leading technologies, QCT Performance Optimized SKU provide users efficient, secured, agile, simplified management solution for your private cloud environment.

QCT cooperates with Intel to optimize the setting parameters by adopting Intel Select Solutions base configuration. For the test result, QCT dramatically exceeds the Intel® Select Program’s expected performance threshold, which is readily preparing our vSAN solution for customer use. For more detailed information, please refer to the document- QxStack VMware Edition Performance Optimized SKU for Intel Select Solution version 2.


PlatformQCT D52B-1U 1
CPUIntel® Xeon® Gold 6252 CPU @ 2.10GHz / 48C/96T2
Memory384GB (32GB 2666MHz DDR4 DIMM)12
Cache TierIntel® OptaneTM SSD DC P4800X 375GB2
Capacity TierIntel® SSD DC P4510 2 TB4
Data NetworkIntel® Ethernet Network Adapter XXV710-DA2 25GbE1
Boot DriveModel: SSD DC S4500, 480GB1


  • QxStack Vmware Edition Performance Optimized SKU for Intel Select Solution version 2
  • QxStack VMware_Edition vSAN ReadyNode™ Performance Optimized SKU RA
  • QxStack vSAN ReadyNode Performance optimized SKU

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