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Intel® Select Solution for Microsoft Azure Stack is configured to deliver optimized performance and price performance. IOStorm and SPECJBB benchmark method is chosen to evaluate overall system performance within Azure Stack architecture by measuring network latency and overall input/output operation per second (IOPS). With QCT´s team of experts, the performance of the chosen configuration has met and exceeded the benchmark thresholds defined by Intel Select Solutions Program.

PlatformQuantaPlex T42D-2U (4-Node)
Processor2 x Intel® Xeon® Gold 6140 CPU @ 2.30GHz / 16C/32T (per node)
Memory512GB (16 x 32GB 2666MHz 288-pin DDR4 RDIMM) (per node)
Boot Drive1 x Intel P3100 M.2 512GB SSD Boot (per node)
Storage4 x Intel® SSD DC P4600 4TB (per node)
Data Network1 x QCT OCP Mezz ON 25GbE CX4 Dual Port (per node)
TPM1 x Trusted Platform Module 2.0 (per node)


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