QxStack powered by
VMware Cloud Foundation

Easiest Way to Build and Operate a Software-Define Data Center (SDDC) Private Cloud

QxStack powered by VMware Cloud Foundation is a fully interoperable solution that provides customers with the easiest way to build and run an SDDC private cloud. The solution is delivered with pre-qualified hardware provided by QCT and VMware’s Cloud Foundation software. This SDDC-based integrated system is ideal for enterprises and service providers focused on greater simplicity, faster time-to-value, enhanced security and lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Key Benefits

A turnkey hyper-converged SDDC solution on pre-qualified, pre-validated QCT hardware, powered by VMware Cloud Foundation software stack.

Simplified SDDC deployment, configuration and ongoing operations management with the VMware SDDC Manager, resulting in greater simplicity and faster time-to-value.

Provided elasticity on scaling and configuration, to best align with current and future capacity requirements.

Significant OpEx and CapEx benefits delivered with SDDC software capabilities and QCT’s cost-effective hardware.

Why QCT Integrated System Powered by VMware Cloud Foundation?

For many companies, traditional infrastructure can slow down the journey to the software-defined datacenter:

Initial Setup

Initial Setup – From designing reference architecture to procuring the individual infrastructure components from multiple vendors, significant times and effort can be consumed before the first VM deployment.


Provisioning – Proliferation of hardware-centric control points that often lack user friendly tools makes it hard to operate disparate infrastructure devices.

Ongoing Lifecycle Management

Ongoing Lifecycle Management – Having to deal with multiple vendors for support trouble shooting and lengthy manual software patching and upgrades creates multiple administration cycles, thereby negatively affecting operations.

QCT and VMware worked closely to simplify how customers architect, procure, deploy, and manage the software and hardware infrastructure of an SDDC. This integrated solution jumpstarts the journey to SDDC by delivering a complete VMware software stack on proven QCT hardware platform.

QCT Integrated System Hardware Architecture

QCT has extended its leadership position in hyperscale cloud to offer private and hybrid cloud solutions for enterprises, leapfrogging from a hardware provider to a total solution provider by partnering with industry-leading software vendors such as VMware in the hyper-converged space. With deep understanding of different cloud workload types, systems integration and optimization experiences, QCT can offer the most efficient, innovative, scalable and easy to deploy hardware to meet the various demands of datacenters.

The fully integrated system is delivered by QCT, covered from design, manufacturing, to global supply chain support. All components are carefully selected, and rigorously tested to ensure optimal performance and compatibility.

The integrated system consists of:

CategoryQCT Model NameQuantityNote
ServerQuanta vSAN ReadyNode Series For more SKUs, please visit:
VMware Compatibility Guide-vSAN
Minimum 4 serversNecessary
Inter-rack SwitchesQuantaMesh T5000 or T7000 series switch 2Option
Top-of-Rack (ToR) SwitchQuantaMesh T5000 or T7000 series switch 2Option
Management SwitchQuantaMesh T1000 Series switch1Option

Key Features and Capabilities

Pre-Validated and Pre-Integrated Solution with Fully Automated Bring Up Process

The integrated systems will be pre-racked and pre-cabled with all software pre-installed prior to delivery. Within several hours of initial bring up, customers can have a fully operational integrated system powered by VMware Cloud Foundation.

Once the integrated system is physically deployed at the customer site and the system powered on, the customer will only need to execute several steps before deploying its first VM—connect to the datacenter’s existing Ethernet network via uplinks and power source, provide some basic network info, such as IP range and DNS, and request capacity based on user-specified performance and availability requirements.

Flexibly and Dynamically Scale

Customers can flexibly and dynamically scale on QCT integrated systems. Minimum starting requirement is 8 nodes, or one-third of a rack, and customers can scale up incrementally per server up to 24 nodes, or scale out across multiple racks.

For both small-and large-scale capacity additions, the Hardware Management Service (HMS) auto-discovers the new physical capacity and seamlessly adds those resources to the virtual rack for consumption, non-disruptively extending the virtual rack to larger physical capacity.

Integrated and Streamlined Management of Physical and Logical Resources

VMware SDDC Manager provides a single centralized management interface for managing both the physical and logical infrastructure—from hardware device level details to network typology to VMs.

VMware SDDC Manager automates day 0 to day 2 operations of entire software stack. It automates the bring up process of VMware Cloud Foundation stack and enables a one click patching or upgrading process of the complete stack. Cloud Admins have the flexibility to choose the timing and scope of the updates.

Recommended Server model
Production,  Lab, VDI, ROBOQuantaGrid D52B-1U

QuantaGrid D52BQ-2U

QuantaPlex T42S-2U

High-capacity DemandQuantaGrid D52T-1ULH

Mission Critical Production EnvironmentQuantaGrid D52B-1U

Downloads for QxStack powered by VMware Cloud Foundation

  • Datasheet

    QCT Vision for VMware


    QxStack QxVDI VMware Edition flyer


    QxStack QxVDI VMware Edition flyer


    QxStack QxVDI VMware Edition flyer


    QxStack powered by VMware Cloud Foundation-Datasheet


    QxStack powered by VMware Cloud Foundation-Datasheet


    QxStack powered by VMware Cloud Foundation-Datasheet


    QxStack powered by VMware Cloud Foundation-Datasheet


  • Solution Brief

    QxStack VMware Edition vSAN ReadyNode MySQL Solution Brief


    QxStack VMware Edition vSAN ReadyNode MSSQL Solution Brief


    QxStack VMware Edition vSAN ReadyNode Oracle Database Solution Brief


  • Reference Architecture

    QxStack VMware Edition for Apache Spark-Reference Architecture


    QCT HCI Security Reference Architecture


  • FAQ

    QxStack powered by VMware Cloud Foundation-Q&A


    QxStack powered by VMware Cloud Foundation-Q&A


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