QCT introduces a successful Proof-of-Concept (POC)
co-packaged Ethernet switch, QuantaMesh T9064-IXC

Co-packaged(CPO) technology brings a new era and approach to accelerate data center transmission.

64 x 400G in 2 RU
Broadcom Tomahawk4-100G 25.6T Switch
8*ELS (External Laser Source)
64*SN connector ports

CPO Switch for Next-Generation Data centers

QuantaMesh T9064-IXC is a CPO-based switch, supports high-speed interconnects and offers limitless bandwidth solutions for next-generation data centers. The high-bandwidth eco-system becomes more important as time progresses with the increasing network applications. The traditional design with pluggable modules starts to run into limits of power, cost, and density. Data centers will demand new ways of interconnecting optics and electronics, especially for 800G and beyond. To achieve higher bandwidth, data centers are facing challenges of balancing increasing throughput and density while reducing power consumption and cost. CPO technology tackles these issues by placing optics near switch silicon which can significantly reduce material management efforts and deployment complexity, thus reducing power and enabling continued bandwidth scalability.
  • Minimize the negative effects of thermal, signal loss and cost when pursuing higher bandwidth
  • 112G PAM4 serdes between MAC and CPO module
  • High-speed performance for next-generation co-packaged architecture

Front View

Rear View

QuantaMesh T9064-IXC Specification

Port Configuration
64 400G DR4, 25.6T
Broadcom Tomahawk4 BCM56996
CPU board
Intel Broadwell-DE D-1527
N+1 FAN redundancy
3+1 FAN
redundant AC and HVDC PSU
2000W*2 (1+1)
Dimension (mm)
2RU; 86.5(H)x440(W)x750(D)mm

Co-Package Features

Reduced system power consumption
Reduced signal loss by shorten the distance between chip and optics
Improved system density
Lower system cost through simpler systems and deployment
Greater system reliability, separating out the laser source
Enable higher bandwidth scalability

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