QCT Rackgo R Compose Pooled Resources Across the Data Center for Multi-tenant Use Rackgo R is an effortless data center management instrument for service providers to operate infrastructure as code, this is done through allocating the optimal amount of compute and storage pooled resources for all existing and new applications. This is crucial as virtual environments diversify to include different software vendors that each require a specific vendor’s hypervisor. Rackgo R solves this challenge of managing heterogeneous virtual environments with QCT’s own simplified, flexible, and complete resource composition and control solution.

Compose Data Center Partitions

A single management tool that configures and customizes your infrastructure into virtual Data Centers (vDCs) – a set of defined compute, network and storage resources. Rackgo R creates an complete overall view of all your vDCs to monitor multiple workloads and multi-tenant use cases. Rackgo R can also dynamically recompose resources to support a variety of utilization requirements within the same data center as workloads change.

Network Topology Mapping

Network diagrams are essential for ensuring a complete understanding of how your network topology is interconnected and can give businesses an overhead view of what’s going on in their network. QCT’s Rackgo R automatically discovers the devices in your data center and maps a proper schematic even when new devices are added or removed from the network, which saves IT teams the time of manually having to add and remove them themselves. With this feature, businesses can visualize where their infrastructure is lacking and what needs to be upgraded/replaced in a timely fashion.

Easy Deployment

A simple tool is all it takes to launch OS deployments on logical nodes. After provisioning and checking the network topology, IT teams can deploy OS services for each vDC from Rackgo R. This feature of Rackgo R doesn’t only save time, manpower, and energy; but it can be performed on massive deployments for fast and easy deployment.

NOTE: This can be performed on massive deployments to reducing the time of getting multiple virtual Data Centers (vDCs) up and running from weeks to just hours.

Rackgo R Covers the Complete QCT Product Ecosystem

QCT Rackgo R compliant gear consist of a variety of servers, storage, and networking products that are powered by QCT Next Generation Server Platforms. Rackgo R’s revolutionary architecture disaggregates hardware resources and enables dynamic, efficient composition of workload-optimized resource pools for all existing and new applications, delivered to service providers as a unified modular management infrastructure.


QuantaVault JG4080

Pooled Storage

QuantaVault JB2240

QuantaVault JB4242

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