QCT DevCloud Program

A Platform that Taps into the Immense Potential of HPC and AI Technologies

Collaborating with Intel, DevCloud provides customers with a platform to evaluate and test their workloads in the HPC & AI fields. It allows users to experience the QCT HPC & AI converged solution, QCT POD, which offers comprehensive development and management tools.

Additionally, it provides  customers with an opportunity to explore the latest hardware innovations, enabling users to seamlessly run their applications and conduct infrastructure assessments, thus alleviating the strain on infrastructure resources. 

Hardware Infrastructure

A comprehensive hardware platform offers users the opportunity to alleviate resource constraints.

Hardware Platform

Networking, performance and capacity storage systems, as well as heterogeneous CPU/GPU computing platforms

Development Software Stack

Support both cloud native & baremetal environment and offer multiple HPC & AI toolkits to ease the system development and testing

Software Stack

Intel oneAPI toolkits, QCT precompiled workloads, and development toolkits.

Dedicated Infra Expert

Infrastructure expertise to support on system evaluation and tuning to accelerate the development and testing process

System Tuning

Bottleneck identification, suggestions for performance enhancement, and consultations on best-known configurations.

QCT DevCloud program offers an opportunity for success.

Relieves user’s loading on software installation and system operation.

Access to a variety of software toolkit and the latest hardware platforms.

Marketing promotion opportunities for company projects.


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QCT DevCloud Program (EN)