QCT Rack Scale Design infrastructure uniquely pools resources across data centers, including compute, storage and networking. These innovative solutions are based on the latest Intel® Rack Scale Design (RSD) software framework and are ideal for multi-tenant workloads by cloud service providers (CSPs) and telco service providers.

Rackgo R is a complete solution with its own optimized rack level management, QCT System Manager (QSM) Premium. With Rackgo R administrators can seamlessly disaggregate, pool, compose and decompose resources to support a variety of utilization requirements within the same data center as workloads change. Network mappings are created on-the-go, helping IT teams visualize where they need more or less resources.

Additionally, the network schematic helps IT teams to identify equipment that needs to be upgraded or replaced and it shows this all in real-time. An industry first, the Rackgo R solutions handle network switch settings together with compute and storage resource configurations through a single pane of glass, simplifying administration. As virtual environments diversify and become more complex, Rackgo R provides a solution to manage heterogeneous virtual environments with its own complete resource composition and control solution.

Simplified Platform Management


Pool & Compose

By leveraging QCT RSD, OpenStack cloud can deploy the whole infrastructure via QCT Pod Manager(PODM) to reduce the manual errors, to accelerate the time-consuming deployment task and to elastically scale-out or scale-in the compute services based on the dynamic requirement.

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