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Flexible Workload Driven System to Power Your Business

Nowadays more and more customers are looking for a best practice system which meet specific workload demands. However, to build up an integrated workload driven system with optimized performance costs lots of times and resources. In order to accelerate time to value, and enhanced the efficiency, QCT design a pre-validated and pre-configurated system concept to shorten the journey, which is called “QCT POD”.

QCT POD stands for QCT Platform on Demand, which delivered with best-fit building blocks designed to meet business demands from various workloads. With rack-level integration, QCT enables customers with the ability to reach time and resource efficiency for quick deployment and management of their system.

QCT POD for Medical

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Key Benefits

Best practice system for diverse demands

with flexible building blocks design and workload performance fine-tuned

Easy management and rapid deployment

with dashboard design and suitable power with network cabling

Shortened time to value

with pre-validated and pre-configurated system


QCT Platform-on-Demand Designed for Converged Workloads (EN)


An Adaptive Platform For Converged HPC/AI Workloads (EN)

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