Wed, 22 September, 5pm (PDT) / Thu, 23 September, 8am (CST)

In this talk, the presenters will explore the technical and operational challenges facing Open RAN deployments, including Day 0 and Day 1 integration at scale, and how automation can solve those roadblocks.

QCT and Robin will share the jointly developed IronCloud-Robin Cloud Native Platform solution integrated with QCT’s optimized servers for RAN deployment. Robin Cloud Native Platform and Multi-cluster Automation Software offer carrier-grade Cloud Native infrastructure and Automation and Orchestration platform for 4G and 5G CNFs and VNFs.

QCT Open RAN optimized servers are coupled with a comprehensive end-to-end telco product portfolio that integrates Robin Cloud Native Platform to deliver high performance and cost-efficiency for disaggregated Network Function delivery. QCT’s bare-metal provisioning tool provides an intuitive standard API framework, enabling flexibility and easy-to-use capability to integrate with the Robin Cloud Native platform. Robin MDCAP – integrated with QCT bare-metal provisioning tool as an SDK framework – will provide end-to-end automation for server introspection, SKU validation, BIOS/BMC firmware update, BIOS/BMC back up & restore, and RAID configuration for easy provisioning of an Open RAN infrastructure.

The presenters will review how a centralized orchestrator can manage the lifecycle of an entire Telco Stack. The presentation will include bare-metal provisioning, cloud platform instantiation, Network Functions (NF) lifecycle management, Network Services (NS) lifecycle management, and Methods of Procedures (MOPs), all of which can be triggered through a policy engine.

Multi-cluster automation workflows can automate all instantiation and lifecycle operations of the entire Telco Network, including Cloud Native Network Functions (CNF), Virtual Network Functions (VNF), and 3rd party Physical Network Functions (PNF), simultaneously.

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