Big 5G 2022 Event Highlights


QCT Delivers on the 5G Promise with Innovative Edge Infrastructures and 5G Solutions

QCT joined the entire 5G ecosystem at the Big 5G Event earlier this month in Austin, not only to explore the enterprise opportunities enabled by open & disaggregated networks, but also to support such opportunities with our latest edge server portfolio and end-to-end enterprise 5G solutions. Check our SmartX use case demos to see how real-world workload requirements are met.

A Purpose-built HPC/AI Solution for Higher Education and Research

QCT promotes the democratization of computing resources by building a pre-validated and pre-configured HPC/AI solution, which features a built-in development environment and centralized management that allow researchers to get simulation and inferencing results faster, while enjoying system simplicity and efficiency all the way from planning & preparation, implementation, operation, to maintenance.

Fast-track Network Virtualization with uCPE

As network infrastructures migrate from hardware-based to software-defined, QCT combines the efficiency of hyperscale hardware with infrastructure software to offer an all-in-one Universal Customer Premises Equipment (uCPE), a general-purpose platform that integrates multiple (previously physical) functions virtually to offer cost savings, network security enhancements and advanced remote management.

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Worldwide Events

  • May 29 – June 2
  • Germany
  • QCT Booth : D412
  • June 15 – June 17
  • Japan
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