QCT GPU Accelerated Systems Drive AI, HPC, and Scientific Breakthroughs

QCT high-performance GPU servers and AI/HPC solutions help customers solve today’s complex challenges. As accelerated workloads become commonplace across many industries, QCT leverages cutting-edge NVIDIA accelerators and NVIDIA® NVLink™ to build servers and solutions that enable AI, HPC, and a wide range of applications. In addition, QCT offers NVIDIA-Certified Systems, validated by NVIDIA so enterprises can confidently choose performance-optimized solutions that deliver scalability, functionality, security, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

At this year’s premier online AI event, QCT experts will be delivering the following 3 track sessions on topics spanning AI, cloud gaming, HPC, and medical workloads.

QCT-Optimized GPU Server to Accelerate Various Workloads
QCT will introduce its latest GPU server which supports NVIDIA’s different accelerator cards to fulfill various workloads (HPC/AI Training, Cloud gaming/virtual workstation, AI inference, etc.). We will also be demonstrating our system performance with various CPU-to-accelerator ratios and how our system supports NVLink bridge which can help boost big data or high-resolution rendering use cases.
QCT Optimized GPU Server to Accelerate Versatile Workloads
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A Modern Converged Platform to Boost-up Smart Medical Workloads
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Simplify Integrating Large-scale Hybrid CPU and GPU Systems to Accelerate HPC Workloads
The trend of consolidating hybrid CPU/GPU workloads in a single HPC system is becoming more challenging to overcome the barriers related to accelerating the performance of HPC workloads more effectively. Find out how QCT is shortening that journey with best practices and lessons learned from real world customer use cases. Additionally, we will also be presenting benchmark test results for specific workloads and demonstrate the acceleration of pure CPU computing versus GPU-accelerated computing.

A Modern Converged Platform to Boost Smart Medical Workloads
QCT POD for Medical (QPM) empowers medical organizations with a way to start their transformation journey. It combines advanced technologies with a comprehensive user experiences to support reaching better performance while gaining more insights. In this session, QCT will share its views on the medical industry and how QCT solves business challenges with a modern converged platform.
Simplify the Integration of Large-scale Hybrid CPU and GPU Systems to Accelerate HPC Workloads
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