QxSmart HPC/DL Solution

An Optimized and Scalable High Performance Computing / Deep Learning Solution

Quanta Cloud Technology’s (QCT) cutting-edge High Performance Computing (HPC) / Deep Learning (DL) solution integrates adaptive hardware with software tools and vertical applications. This unique solution combines QCT’s best-in-class infrastructure with high-bandwidth and low-latency interconnect, as well as leading parallel file systems, to provide scalable cluster architecture with outstanding performance for supercomputing users. It delivers optimized applications and pre-validated common open-source or commercial tools to simplify software deployment and management. The QxSmart solution is a fast and reliable way to build a HPC or Deep Learning environment across many industries, extremely reduces time and risks to implement projects.



Fine-tuned software stack and applications

A simple deployment kit to provide rapid provisioning and easy management

Pre-validated and per-configured solution to build end-to-end HPC environment

Dynamic environment adjustment to various workload demands

Significant TCO savings delivered with QCT’s cost-effective hardware and software capabilities

What QCT HPC / DL Solution Offer

The QxSmart HPC/DL Solution is composed of fine-tuned software tools and applications powered by QCT’s infrastructure platform. This architecture simplifies the deployment process and extremely minimizes time-to-value, which brings huge benefits to end users, administrators, and developers.

End Users

  • Boost performance through optimized hardware, software, and applications
  • Speed up productivity with intelligent workload management
  • Achieve faster time-to-value


  • Compile on de facto standard application frameworks
  • Maximize ROI on comprehensive software development tools
  • Gain efficiency and flexibility


  • Simplify complex IT administration
  • Streamline cluster deployment, monitoring and management
  • Save OPEX and CAPEX



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  • QxSmart HPC/DL Solution



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